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Friday, 30 August 2013

24 Funny Things You Do (That I Love)

Dear Lucas

Today you turn two; I never want to forget you at this age so here are 24 Funny Things That You Do (That I Love):

  • You dance (spin round) to any kind of music that you hear. It can be something on TV, music from the iPod, Daddy playing the guitar or just one of us singing.
  • I love how you raise your eyebrows to try and keep your eyes open when you are trying to stay awake.
  • That you love books and you will sit quietly with a book on your own or bring them to us to read. Reading books with you was something I dreamt of while I was pregnant and I love to cuddle up every night at bedtime and read a story you have chosen.
  • The way you hold your cheek out when we say 'kisses.' At bedtime you have started to pat my back when I say 'I love you'. I am taking this as 'I love you too Mummy'.
  • You talk to your toys when you play and make them talk to each other. 
  • You love your family.
  • Your chuckle when something makes you laugh is so carefree and infectious.
  • Your love of hats, any hat will do but they are particularly special when they are either Mummy or Daddy's.
  • The animal noises that you come out with when we read together; I particularly like your snapping crocodile.
  • You love to play outside and get dirty; you have no hesitation in getting mud everywhere!
  • I love your gorgeous hair, at the moment it is an amazing multi-coloured blonde but I suspect you will go darker as you get older.
  • That you add several sets of eyes and mouths to your Mr Potato Head and get quite cross when we try to put it right.
  • You ask to be lifted up when I say you can choose a film to put on and it is always either Toy Story or Puss in Boots. 
  • That you will play with our hair when we give you your bottle. Whether it is me or Daddy you will grab a fistful of hair. If it's Daddy you will sometimes just got for his beard but if it is me you will tickle it across you face while you drink.
  • You won't share cake
  • You have started to make us cups of tea from your little kitchen and we have to sit and drink them; several cups that you re-fill. Sometimes we are given it from a spoon too.
  • You always try to put on other people's shoes, sometimes over your own shoes if they are big enough!
  • You are so stubborn and so independent and even when it drives me to despair I still love it. It is great that you will go and play happily without needing me with you, you don't even look back when we go to your playgroup but you always know you can find me if you want me.
  • You call our cat Weegoo (her name is Rio).
  • When you are enjoying your food you make yummy noises and rub your tummy.
  • When we say babies you point to my belly and if we show you the scans photos you will say 'babeee' I don't think you understand what is coming but hopefully it will prepare you for meeting your two little baby brothers.
  • You remember games that we have played and we have to recreate them. You will drag out your box of playmobil grab my hand and then point to the floor and say 'there' for me to sit down. Daddy gets the same treatment with the train set.
  • You will eat any fruit under the sun, we have yet to find one that you don't enjoy. I love that I can fill your plate with fruit and you will gobble it all up
  • I love that you are mine and you make me smile every single day. We are so proud to say that your are our little boy, undoubtedly cheeky but charming and loveable in every way.

Happy Birthday Lucas

All My Love

Monday, 26 August 2013

Twin Pregnancy Diary - Week 19

Very nearly at the half way point and every week that passes is a week that the babies are getting stronger. We had our 18 week scan last Wednesday and everything was good; they checked as much as the anatomy as they could see and will try and check the rest at the 20 week scan. As I wasn't expecting them to check as much this time I wasn't expecting it to take so long so as the scan was going on and all was quiet I started to get myself worked up that something was wrong. So silly getting myself in a fluster as I know they have to be quiet to concentrate but still can't help but worry. The consultant had to sign off the scans this time as one of the twins is quite high and a little squashed but she was happy to wait until 20 weeks to see us so I am happy with that. 

The babies are both 14cm and all the measurements are fairly good considering they are twins. I can feel a lot of movement now from both babies; we were shown on the scan where they are lying and Twin A on my left side was particularly active. We could see his little legs kicking away furiously, thank goodness I can't quite feel those blows yet! Twin B is the one squashed higher up so he was more confined but we were still amazed to see the arms and legs so clearly. All the sensory development for them is happening this week and they should be the size of a small cantaloupe. 

Not much has changed for me this week but my husband has said he thinks I am showing more all of a sudden. I have felt so happy everytime I feel a little movement, it's nice to have the reassurance. My appetite is finally coming back and I'm starting to get very hungry at times, it comes on all of a sudden and I have to find something to snack on quickly. I have noticed my hair feeling thicker this time which I didn't last time but my nails aren't much different. I'm not sure I'll ever feel like that 'glowing' pregnant woman but I still feel pretty good so that will do for me.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

A Day Beside The Sea

This day out is something we have been planning to do all summer but we've been busy with DIY and gardening and we haven't had as much chance to get out and about as I had hoped. Before we know it the summer will be over so we finally set a date to visit New Brighton beach on the Wirral with Lucas' cousins and Grandma and Grandad. 

I honestly think it has been at least 15 years since I last went to New Brighton, probably with my Grandparents, and needless to say it has changed dramatically  The beach is lovely with plenty of rock pools to go exploring in and we spotted several jelly fish on stroll down the sea. The sea wasn't too chilly for little feet to go paddling in and there were plenty of shells for us to collect and even a couple of crab claws. The boys had a little go on the rock pools but I was forbidden from climbing too high as my husband warned me they were very slippy. We took a picnic, camped out on the beach and ate whilst building and demolishing sandcastles. One of the best things about the day was that it didn't cost us a penny; parking is free and as we were there early we got a great spot by the beach. There is plenty more to explore there and we'd love to go back to walk along the prom and check out Fort Perch Rock, the RNLI shop and the crazy golf.

We had such a great day and Lucas and his cousin loved running around the beach. Lucas in particular liked the freedom a little too much and kept making run for it, back towards the sea. Luckily his cousin was very sensible and would grab his hand quick to bring him back. Despite the escape attempts it was so lovely to spend the day with the two of them, seeing them play together and giggling at each other is a joy. 

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Saturday, 24 August 2013

One Year On - Thank You

After being sure I wouldn't, I did in fact forget and I am a couple of days late with my one year anniversary post. I want to say a massive thank you to everyone who reads, comments, and shares my blog because it really does mean the world to me. I also have to thank Vicki over on Lets Talk Beauty for encouraging me to give blogging a go and opening me up to this whole new world. Just been back to read my first post, not as bad as I was expecting but I haven't read anything else from that first month!

I thought to celebrate my blog-iversary I will of course be having some cake but I'll also let you in on some secrets, here is 12 things you may not know about me.

  1. My Nana was Italian but she never taught any of her children or grandchildren the language, much to my disappointment.
  2. When I was younger I wanted to work for the RAF in Air Traffic Control until I realised it involved a lot of Maths.
  3. I trained as a Primary Teacher but never became one. I would love to work in education someday but not as a teacher; that is one tough job!
  4. I have been with my husband since I was 16; he was my first real boyfriend.
  5. I have the most terrible fear of slugs.
  6. When I was a teenager I never wanted to get married or have children.
  7. I have one tattoo of a lotus flower and would one day like some more.
  8. My eyesight is truly terrible; I can't see a thing without lenses or glasses.
  9. I have one brother who is 5 years younger than me but we have always been very close..
  10. My favourite film is True Romance.
  11. I get terrible homesickness, especially if I'm on my own; I am such a homebird.
  12. I sleep walk and sleep talk.
Thank you for reading!

Thursday, 22 August 2013

What to Expect The Workout & Film - DVD Review

If I'm honest, with my first pregnancy I didn't give much thought to my fitness. I did a tiny bit of swimming but that was all; I worked full time and I drove everywhere so I did very little exercise. This time round I was determined to be fitter and healthier! I had such a long labour with Lucas and I'm sure had I been more active it would have made a difference. 

When What To Expect UK offered to send me their pregnancy fitness DVD. 'The Workout' I thought it might give me the push to do some more exercise during this pregnancy  Even having said all that when I first put the DVD on I just sat down on the sofa, brew in hand, to watch. However, having looked through a few of the workouts I felt like it was something I could do and even wanted to do so the next day I did just that and gave it a try. I tried out 'Barefoot & Pregnant' in the Cardio workouts which I liked but couldn't always keep up with the instructors! It's easy to take it slow when you want to though and it did boost my circulation. My favourite it definitely the Stretch and Relax workout and I want to try and keep this up. My aches and pains have been much worse this time round; I get awful sciatica at night but I find when I do some light exercise it is better. This 'Mind, Body and Baby' workout helps to relax and stretch out the muscles; I do it when Lucas has just gone to bed and I can find 10 minutes peace to wind down. It doesn't leave me with any extra aches and I have been able to get more comfortable at night since I've tried it. I found the DVD easy to follow and I like the bonus feature about safe exercise in pregnancy seen as I am most definitely a beginner. I think there is something for everyone in there, a bit of dance, some stamina based routines, workouts for staying toned and yoga and pilates based exercises to finish off. It is American but don't let that put you off; the pregnant Mamas really do look amazing and are much more inspiring than intimidating!

Obviously the lovely people at What To Expect thought I deserved a reward for my exercise attempts so they also sent a DVD of the film, What To Expect When You Are Expecting. l was excited to have a good reason to have a girly film on in the house! Still I decided to watch it with my friends rather than with my other half; we all had a good chuckle at it but being the only one with children I really found it funny! My friends were very amused when my pregnancy hormones got the better of me and I sobbed at the adoption story. I will watch it again; although it touches on some sad issues it is heart-warming and amusing and I love the 'Dudes Club,' I'm sure some Dads could relate to that fear of having your first child. I couldn't help but roll my eyes at pregnant with twins Sklyer (Brooklyn Decker) wearing a bikini at her baby shower but I love that it is shown in contrast to Wendy (Elizabeth Banks) having a complete meltdown about how awful pregnancy is. Even if it is Hollywood's version of pregnancy there is something in there that every parent-to-be could relate to and I even think I might be able to convince my husband to give it a watch.

You can buy both the DVDs through Amazon. If you have any questions about fitness during pregnancy (or anything else) the What To Expect UK team are very helpful so feel free to say hello to them on Twitter or Facebook

Disclaimer: I was sent What To Expect When You're Expecting and What To Expect The Workout DVDs. All opinions are honest and my own.

Monday, 19 August 2013

Twin Pregnancy Diary - 18 weeks

Another week, another scan! I'm looking forward to seeing our baby boys again and making sure things are ok in there. I love the scans as I can see the babies and confirm again that we are definitely having two! I also feel anxious until we go in and they assure me they are well; I get so nervous sitting in the waiting room and I'm glad that my husband is off work for the summer so he can come along with me.

Also counting down the weeks until our consultant appointment so I can pester them with questions. It's occurred to me this week that because twins have a higher chance of arriving early I'll have to be prepared earlier than I thought. Hopefully they'll stay in there for as long as possible but after 20 weeks I'm going to start to recall the baby bits we have got stored in various relatives lofts and garages to have a sort through. Makes it all seem so much more real!

Apparently the babies will be about the size of a large mango and their movements should be becoming more controlled. I have definitely been able to feel more movements, especially at night, but still waiting for a kick that my husband can feel.

I still feel well and the bump is definitely on show now; the giant pregnancy pillow has moved into the bed. I've started to get my appetite back but no cravings to speak of, unless sending people out for chocolate counts as a craving?! My baby brain seems to have really kicked in, I'm blaming double the hormones but it really is terribly noticeable this time round. I really struggle to remember what I'm doing one day to the next and I actually got into the shower last week with my glasses still on! At least it is giving everyone a good chuckle and I can't see it getting any better.

Sunday, 18 August 2013

Ultimate Summer Driving List

I've been tagged by Momma of Mojo to share with you all my Ultimate Summer Driving List. I loved her choice of songs and I've been really looking forward to putting mine together. When I get chance to drive on my own I love to have my music blasting out so I can sing along without judgement! Here are my ten favourites, an eclectic mix:

State of Massachusetts - Dropkick Murphys

The '59 Sound - The Gaslight Anthem

If You Want Blood (You've Got It) - AC/DC

Dammit- Blink 182

Reasons Not To Be An Idiot - Frank Turner

Stacked Actors - Foo Fighters

Streams of Whiskey - The Pogues

Girl's Not Grey - AFI

Spiderwebs - No Doubt

Debaser - The Pixies

...and finally because it's great to sing along to I had to add one extra:

Proud Mary - Tina Turner

There you have it, maybe not everyone's cup of team but I love 'em! Check out Momma of Mojo's list because it's pretty cool! I don't think there are many bloggers left to tag but my good friend Let's Talk Beauty has great taste in music so I'll tag her if she would like to share.

Wednesday, 14 August 2013

The Funny Things You Do {23 Months}

Dear Lucas

This month has been so full of ups and downs and your mood swings are keeping us on our toes! I think because Daddy is off for the summer you are trying to test the waters with him. One moment you can be laughing and the next you are throwing yourself on the floor; all part of you growing up and learning but nevertheless a bit stressful for all of us.

On the other hand we have had some lovely moments this last month. You are coming out with so many new words each day and it is so special to be able to see you master this new skill. You recognise friends and family when you see them, call their names (in your own way) and run to be lifted up for a cuddle. 

My dear boy, you love cake! A boy after my own heart you will sidle up to anyone who has cake, suddenly becoming their shadow as you wait for a taste. Grandma asked you to pass a butterfly cake to Grandad; you very nearly passed him the one you already had in you hand then thought better of it and went to get a new one for him to make sure you didn't have to give up your cake! You look your most angelic when you are waiting for a morsel of cake and everyone has to give in and share their piece.

You have such a cheeky little smile and I love nothing more than to hear you giggle. Some of the funniest things set you off into hysterics, like your cuddly mouse pretending to colour in. I can't get over how much these things seem to tickle you but I love to watch you chuckle. 

Your latest trick is to make us all get into our big bed before your bath and pretend to sleep. You get in first then pat either side of you and say 'there' for me and Daddy to get in.  We all have to get under the covers and snuggle before you jump up and bounce all over us. These little things I want to remember forever. 

At the end of this month you will be two and we are making some big changes in your little world. You are getting ready to go into a big bed in a new room and we are starting to see you as a little boy. We learnt that you will become a big brother to two little boys and when they arrive I suppose you will seem older still. I think you will love having two little playmates and you always seem to enjoy being around other children. You are my first little baby boy and you have taught me how to be a Mummy so even when I worry about the changes ahead I know we will be a happy family.

All my love

Monday, 12 August 2013

Twin Pregnancy Diary - 17 weeks

Last weeks scan went great and as I had hoped we were able to find out the sex of our babies. I didn't feel as sure about what we were having but I had stopped thinking they would be girls and I was right; they are two little boys! I wasn't as disappointed as I thought I would be; we had been hoping for girls especially because Lucas has two boy cousins. However, three little boys will be a real treat and I think Lucas will love it. Everyone says boys are easier and while I'm not sure how true that is but I think you definitely know where you are with boys. I've loved having Lucas so much how could we disappointed with the thought of more boys? 

I didn't really get the extra information I was after as it seems I'll have to wait until my consultant appointment at 20 weeks to learn more about twin births. I'm fairly low risk and have had no problems so far so they are happy to leave me to it for these early weeks. It's difficult to find information myself as twin birth policies seems to differ between hospitals so I'll just have to be patient until 20 weeks.

The babies are nearly 13 cm long and we were able to hear one heartbeat at the midwife appointment. It was a very strong one but we didn't get to hear both as I think it's pretty difficult to distinguish between them with twins. I know I am definitely starting to feel some movements now, they must be jostling for space!

I'm feeling much better now and have more energy so I'm going to enjoy these weeks as much as I can before I get too big! I'm measuring around 19 weeks which is normal for twins so I'm happy with that. Most of the initial twin panic has settled down and we are starting to think practically for the future. I've started looking at all those little soft sleepsuits and cooing; getting excited (with my rose-tinted glasses) for those new born baby days.

Sunday, 11 August 2013

Girls or Boys?

We are delighted to announce that we are expecting identical twin boys!

I will be the lone woman in a family of men; we cannot wait to become a family of five and here is to lots of adventures with our three little boys.

Saturday, 10 August 2013

A Toddler Garden Update {Phase 3}

Way on back in June we planted some plants in Lucas' toddler garden and here is a little update of the beautiful flowers we have been able to enjoy over summer months.

The garden turned into a little family project and we have all done little bits to it. Lucas has loved seeing the flowers in bloom and we regularly watch the butterflies and the bees that are attracted to our patch. Even better the sunflowers that we planted even further back in April have come up a treat; in fact they are starting to take over the garden. He still goes in there to do a little digging and we all take turns watering. We'll soon be on the lookout for some winter flowers so we can keep it in bloom.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall

Friday, 9 August 2013

Mums In The Picture {Flashback Friday}

A quick Flashback Friday inspired by Dear Beautiful's lovely post, Being In The Memories. Far too often Mums are left out the photos, usually because they are the ones taking them or they aren't feeling quite confident enough to be captured on film. However, I've managed to hunt down a couple that are very special to me. I happen to think my Mum looks pretty great in this photo (she might disagree) and it is one of my favourites of the two of us. Not the best photos in the world; just happy Mummies and happy children. 

My Mum and Me (8 months) 1985                                 Me and Lucas (8 months) 2012

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lost For Words

Something amazing must have happened last night. This morning Lucas woke up and suddenly started speaking; he has been saying more words than I have ever heard! He has tried to copy so many words that we have said to him today and I have no idea where it has all come from. Lucas will be two at the end of this month and he has been considered a 'late developer' with his speech. I've been holding off on speaking to the Health Visitor about speech therapy as I've had so many assurances from other Mums where their own children, especially boys, have developed 'late' with their speech.

If I'm honest I have been worried; he seems to have said several words for so long but then didn't add much new vocabulary from month to month. A couple of people have thought he was much younger than his age which I suspect was because he didn't talk. Well, he does talk, constantly in fact, but in his own chatter. Even when people assure you that it will come you can't help but worry that he will be held back. 

Then, quite literally overnight, he has come on leaps and bounds. He pottered around the kitchen with me this morning and started to say what was on his own play kitchen; spoon, tea, tomato (or tom). Upstairs he sat on our bed and chattered away about wearing socks and going to sleep, saying night and then 'I see car' while he points out the window. Me and James looked at each other in disbelief while telling Lucas how proud we are of him. The absolute best thing about it all is that he knows; he knows he is starting to speak and I can see it all over his face when he looks at us after he has tried to say a new word. He has a massive grin as he looks to each of us in turn waiting for the praise he knows is coming. 

It's suddenly seems to have clicked that he has to talk! He already understands most of what we say and now he is finally ready to communicate back to us. I can't tell you how proud I feel when I see the joy on his face as he tries to copy us. The words aren't always very clear and maybe only recognisable to me and James but the fact that he has been trying were he has previously had no interest is just amazing. Even more amazing that it has happened so quickly, out of nowhere and it makes us smile every time we think about it. I'm hoping that tomorrow we wake up to more of the same and our smiling little boy is still happy to chatter.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Twin Pregnancy Diary - 16 weeks

This week is the week I have been waiting for; I have several important appointments and I'm hoping I'll get to have a good chat about twin pregnancies. We are booked in for a 16 week scan at the hospital and we are hoping to be able to see my consultant afterwards. I'm quite anxious for the scan to check that everything is going as it should, they should be able to see if they definitely are in the same amniotic sac now; it certainly looked this way at 12 weeks but I know the membrane can be spotted in later scans. 

We may even get to find out the sex at this scan; as they are identical they will either be two boys or two girls! I must admit we are hoping for girls but either way as long as they are healthy we don't mind. Sometimes the thought of a house boys is too much me but equally two teenage girls is a terrifying prospect! 

All being well we will see the consultant after and I'll be able to find out a little more about our hospital's policy on delivering twins and figure out a game plan to keep these two inside me as long as possible. Later in the week we are seeing my community midwife and again I'll be grateful for any more information.

The babies should be around 10cm long and 0.2lb by now and unique fingerprints are already in place. They'll be moving around and be able to feel any pressure on my stomach. I think I may have felt a few little movements which I'm so excited about. 

I'm definitely feeling like I have a bigger bump now but I'm a little concerned that I have hardly put any weight on. I've found I can't eat massive portions of anything and I've been much more concious this time of eating a balanced diet (this means I'm not scoffing a tub of Ben & Jerry's every weekend). I have read this is normal in the early stages of a multiple pregnancy but still something I want to keep an eye on. No cravings yet but I didn't experience any with Lucas so I'm not really expecting anything. 

I'm still feeling good, there are more aches and pains then I remember at this stage with Lucas but morning sickness and exhaustion has passed. This is going to be a busy week appointment wise so I'll look forward to having more information next week.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

What To Expect When You're Expecting - A Pregnancy Book Review

I am a woman who likes to be prepared and I suppose I am one of 'those' Mother's who likes to read baby books. With my first pregnancy I read everything I could get my hands on; I obsessively followed up on week-by-week development, reading out snippets of information to my husband in bed. This pregnancy has been so different to my previous pregnancy, aside from the obvious (that we are expecting twins) I also felt more comfortable and less anxiety this time round. I didn't immediately whip out my pregnancy book when I found out I was pregnant but as time went out I realised there was some information I was unsure of. Even after only two years of conceiving Lucas I had forgotten so much and then added to that the bombshell that we are expecting twins I was suddenly back to my previous ill-informed state. My old pregnancy book was extremely unhelpful with almost no information on multiple pregnancy so when the lovely people at What To Expect offered me a chance to have a read of the new edition of their 'Pregnancy Bible' I jumped at the chance.

I wish I had had this book in my life first time round! It is so full of information and one of my favourite things about it is that is a relatively small paperback; so easy for me to pick up and read of a night and take around the house with me for a sneaky read if something occurs to me. The first thing I did when I received the book was skip to the back and look up twins in the index, I love, love, love that there is a whole chapter dedicated to multiple birth! I found information in there that I hadn't previously found online and it's so much easier to have a quick read of a book rather than going to a screen. Having a read through I found little extra bits of twin information in the other chapters too which I was pleased to see.

I found the book easy to read and it's great for just picking up and reading a few pages when you have time. No, it isn't full of glossy photos of those damn lovely, glowing pregnant women but it is chock full of everything else: diagrams, information, questions and answers. If you are lucky enough to have a partner who is hungry for baby information then there is a section for Dads-to-be; my husband liked the layout of it and found it 'to the point without the waffle.' Surely a big plus for most men! I've had a good read through the Eating Well section as I'm more concious of a healthy pregnancy diet this time round and of course I'm following the monthly development chapters; I really like the 'What to expect at check-ups' section.

I honestly don't know how I missed this book with my first pregnancy as it would have been amazingly helpful. This version is the new 4th Edition by Heidi Murkoff, the lady behind What To Expect When You're Expecting. It really does have everything I am looking for in a pregnancy manual; I keep looking though it and finding something new and relevant to me and even in a second pregnancy it has been invaluable. The book is available through Amazon and you can find more information on the What To Expect website. They are very friendly people with lots of information at hand and you can stop by and say hello to them on Twitter.

Disclaimer: I was sent a signed copy of What To Expect When You're Expecting and 2 DVD's. All opinions and ramblings are honest and my own.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

Mischief Managed - Warner Brothers Studio Tour

As you may have seen from my constant Twitter and Instagram updates this week I visited the Warner Brothers Studio Tour The Making of Harry Potter - dubbed Harry Potter land by me and my friends (the whole thing was too much of a mouthful). I'm very lucky to have two lovely friends I have known since primary school and one of them treated us to gift tickets for Christmas. Thrown into this was also the chance to have a little toddler-free break and stay with her for a girly weekend; needless to say this was so much fun but as all of us are massive Harry Potter fans the highlight was definitely our visit to the studios.

I cannot tell you how excited we all were even just walking through the entrance. The whole attraction is set up brilliantly, you have a time slot to enter and because of this it never really feels overcrowded. At first you are given a few talks by some very enthusiastic guides and then you are left to explore freely at your own pace; this is great as there is so much to see you can spend as much time as you like in there. Part way round there is a little refreshment stall and a chance to try out Butterbeer; I have to say we couldn't finish a glass between us as it is so sweet but it has to be done! In this outdoor section you have a chance to see the Knight Bus and Privet Drive up close. Everything in there is the actual props and sets from the films and it is where the cast and crew went to film the majority of scenes for 10 years; the film geek in me just loves this! 

My favourite bit was walking into Diagon Alley, it feels just like stepping into the films and the detail in the sets is incredible. I also loved the green screen experience; it was such a giggle to have a go in the flying Ford Anglia and an absolute dream come true to zoom around on a broomstick. We enjoyed it all from start to finish and I had to restrain myself in the shop but I did buy a cuddly Hippogriff for Lucas. I'm so glad I was able to go with the girls as it isn't really suited for young children and to really get the most of it I would say you have to be a fan of Harry Potter. I'll leave you with some of my favourite photos, I only had my iphone with me so some of them are a bit dark. We had such a laugh when we got back looking over the pictures from the day - the whole thing was fantastic.


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