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Sunday, 13 October 2013

I've moved!

I've made the move with my blog! Please go over and have a look at the new Hayley from Home. It has a new shiny design and I've gone self-hosted. It's still a work in progress but I'll be writing all my posts on there from now on so please update in your readers.

Thank you!

Friday, 4 October 2013

A Baby No More {Flashback Friday}

Over a month ago now we decided that we had to take the plunge and move Lucas into his big boy bed and new room. I was already feeling guilty that he was being moved into the smaller room as with twins on the way we will need his original room for them. Fortunately, we hadn't decorated his old room so we were able to make his new bedroom like a proper child's bedroom; all colourful and exciting. I promise I will get a post up about this while it still looks like a newly decorated room! We thought we might as well make the change to a big bed well before the babies arrived so he would be settled and happy with a new bedtime routine. 

He seemed quite interested to see his new bed being put together and we chose a date when we would move him in. I was so convinced that he would be up as soon as we put him down, that he would be running up and down the landing or awake playing. We relocated his favourite books and teddies and did the whole bedtime routine in his new room. Come that night I felt terrible and I can't even explain why! I didn't want to leave him in the bed; he looked so little. He was actually really happy going into his bed but it took him a while to figure out where to lie and what to do with the duvet. It was his confused expression as we said night night and shut the door that got to me; I wanted to go back in and sit with him but I knew there is no way he'd sleep while I was in the room. We both stood outside his room looking at each other in silence but eventually decided to sit downstairs. We sat, not speaking, no television on, just waiting for any sign that he was up or had fallen out of bed but there nothing, not a peep. We couldn't believe it, I was itching to go up and check on him but I didn't want to disturb him. I checked before we went to bed and eagerly dashed into his room in the morning to get him up. He was quite happy and I felt so relieved. 

That week we had a few disturbances early on in the evening. I went in one night and thought I'd just sit with him until he drifted off but instead he started chatting to me about the car stickers and bouncing on the bed. I realised that tactic wasn't going to work with Lucas so I told him it was time to sleep, kissed him goodnight again and left. To my utter surprise he stayed in bed and went to sleep. Some evenings we could hear him chattering but he always managed to get himself off to sleep. I still felt anxious at bedtime for at least two weeks and I would have loved for everything to stay the same but it can't, he is growing up and soon he will be a big brother. I am so proud of how well he has coped with the transition and now he has a lovely little space to call his own.

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