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Tuesday, 3 September 2013

The Summer Of 2013

Early this year, in the depths of our snowy winter, I was dreaming of the summer months. We are very lucky to be able to have my teacher husband at home over the holidays and when I can drag him away from his work I had planned all sorts of fun days out. In between then and now however, we found out we were expecting twins and not only has it meant we have had to be a little more careful with our money but it has given us a kick up the bum to get the house and garden in order. Poor Lucas had his outdoor fun confined to the garden while we built and painted a shed and he has patiently played while we decorated a new room for him. Maybe we haven't quite made the most of the summer like I had hoped but towards the end of the holidays we managed a few trips out to squeeze in some outdoor fun in the sun! This is a little photo round up of our summer but if I'm honest, I'm an Autumn girl anyway and I'm looking forward to getting those knitted scarves and wellingtons out and going up the the park on the deserted mornings where we can jump in the puddles and collect leaves. 

Paddling with Nanny / Park fun with Auntie / Digging /Gardening / Tree Climbing / Garden Dining / Ice Cream Eating /Family  BBQ / Rook Pooling

Beach Picnic / Down the Bear Pit / Playing Fetch / Chester Zoo / Outdoor Games / Long Walks / Tired Legs / Ice Cream Stop / Picnic in the Woods

Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


  1. What an awesome Summer of Fun you have all had! It's flown by too fast for my liking xx

  2. Congratulations! There will be even more outdoor fun to be had next year with two littlies added to the family :-)

  3. that sounds like an awesome summer!

  4. How exciting TWINS, congratulations. These are a lovely collage of photos to remind you of all the happy summer days you had this year. Thanks for linking up and sharing with Country Kids.

  5. Haven't we been so lucky with the summer weather? It looks like you have had a great one! x

  6. When you look back over these round up posts you realise how much you've actually done & achieved.
    Its like a visual diary.
    I still think we should build a club house in your shed.

  7. Looks like plenty of fun days and I think you have a pretty good excuse to be taking it more easy and slow! xx


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