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Book Worm

Reading in the park.
This year I'll be carrying on my posts about books; books I love, books I'm reading, books I'm reading to Lucas or anything I’d like to read.  I've always loved reading and although I don’t have as much time for it as I used to I have fallen in love with it again now the sleepless nights have passed and I have the energy to read before I fall asleep!

I tend to have several books on the go, something that drives my husband crazy. I have books all over the house and even put back in the bookcase with a bookmark in waiting for me to come back to it when the mood strikes. I just find that sometimes I'm in the mood to read different things.

Last year I set myself a little goal; to try and read only new books that I haven't read before and I mostly succeeded. I had a slip up early on with The Time Travellers Wife because I had seen the film and then I just had to re-read The Hobbit before I saw that film. I don't set myself a target of how many books to get through because my life is so busy; I want to read for pleasure and not because I'm trying to meet my quota! I did keep a record of all the books I had read last year, just for fun, and I managed a respectable 27. Even though I'm not setting a particular target I am hoping to read more this year as Lucas is getting older and I have my evenings back to myself.

So, for 2013 I need a new goal! I've been mulling it over a while and I think I'm going to try and read one book a month from the BBC Book List. I think everyone has seen this floating around; supposedly most people will have only read 6 from this list. I've had another look and as of January 2013, being completely honest I have read (from beginning to end) 29 of these books. Some I have started and given up on and there is some on there that I know I will never read but I'm going to make a start with The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald; a book I have always wanted to read and it also happens to be sitting on our bookshelf. Wish me luck! What were your reads of the year and is there anything your looking forward to starting this year?

Look out for my future posts about books and please tell me about your reading habits and what you enjoy reading. Let me know if you're reading anything good, I'm always on the lookout for a new read.

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