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About Me

Hello, I'm Hayley. Thanks for stopping by my blog and having a read. I'm blogging about the things we get up to day to day and anything else that tickles my fancy! This is a snapshot of my life, my escapades as a parent, memories and what makes me happy. I love my little family, my friends and I mostly enjoy reading, baking, music and chuckles.

Let me tell you all about me! Firstly, I married my childhood sweetheart, James, in 2010. We married on our 10 year anniversary; he is my best friend and we laugh...a lot! You can see a little bit more about our special day here. I fell pregnant not long after our wedding and we had our son Lucas in August 2011. If you love to read birth stories please feel free to catch up on mine.  If your interested in reading more about me my A Little Bit Lately posts are bits and bobs of what I'm up to other than being a Mum. I'm excited to announce that we are also expecting identical twin boys due in January 2014 (but very likely to arrive earlier!) Feel free to read all about my pregnancy journey.

I initially returned to work when my little boy was six months old, since then we have relocated closer to family and my husband took a new job so I grabbed the opportunity to take some time off work and become a stay at home mum. I absolutely love it and it brings out the very best in me; you can read more about it here. I spend every day with Lucas and we have some amazing days and some less than amazing days but each day ends with a smile. 

Lucas is so happy and outgoing, stubborn and cheeky and loves to be outdoors having adventures. I am a homebird; quiet, loyal and sometimes silly. My perfect day would always be spent with my family and friends and preferably include good wine, baked goods and chocolate. James is charming and easy going, thoughtful and fair; he would love nothing more than to spend his days quietly with music, films, books and (hopefully) with Lucas and I.

Please feel free to comment on my blog or you can contact me on

Thanks again for reading and I hope you enjoy it!


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